Neighbourhood Expert

April 14, 2020

You have been hearing the word "Neighbourhood Expert", a lots of times from REALTORs.  Does neighbourhood expertise really make a different when dealing with Real Estates transactions?
Here are some of the truths about the importance of a neighbourhood expert when buying or selling a home.
Neighbourhood expert is important when you are moving to a new location and buying a new home.  REALTOR’s knowledge about surroundings schools, services and amenities, safety, property values is invaluable and will save you from days or even month’s research.
Neighbourhood knowledge is essential when listing your home for sale.  The listing agent’s job is to sell your home and the most important factor is location – so he or she absolutely need to be familiar with your neighbourhood.  Each neighbourhood usually contains similar type of homes so a REALTOR working in the area understands more insights of the product.  Please note even the local expert may focus on different types of houses in the same neighbourhood.  Don’t hire an agent who has most experience on apartments and condos to sell your single family house.
If you’re planning to hire a "Neighbourhood Expert", it’s a good idea to verify neighbourhood knowledge by asking questions, reading his or her posts related to the area, and also don’t sacrifice other critical marketing skills like Pricing skills, Marketing strategies, Staging, Negotiation skills.
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