Kevin Cao

Graduated with BA degree in Architecture Design from well-known Architectural and Civil Engineering university in China, I am well equipped with professional knowledges on the structures and functions of residential and commercial buildings. My in-depth knowledges have helps my clients to not only enjoy the living spaces, but also ensure it's a wise investment.

Living in Vancouver downtown Yaletown gives me the first-hand insights of Real Estates market in this area.  Call me at 604-431-8888 to find out what Yaletown has to offer, whether you are a home owner or a keen home buyer looking to be part of this dynamic neightborhood.

For any other questions related to your Yaletown Real Estates questions, please call me at 604-431-8888.

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社区专家 -April 14, 2020
Neighbourhood Expert -April 14, 2020
Does neighbourhood expertise really make a different when dealing with Real Estates transactions?
February saw steady home buyer demand and reduced home seller supply across Metro Vancouver.
Embedded is live housing market research tool designed for fast analysis of Yaletown condos market. Please contact me if you have questions.