About us

  1. Our Mission

    Our mission is to connect homeowners with neighborhood professionals to benefit their communities environmentally and economically.

  2. What We Do

    Through Geological smart solutions, we will help homeowners find information about services and offers in their neighborhoods, and encourage Eco-Friendly logistics between homeowners and service professionals.

  3. Reducing Environmental Impact

    iring a local home service professional involves less driving and can improve traffic conditions, shorten commute times, reduce energy consumption, and limit pollution.

  4. Benefiting Communities

    Moreover, increasing efficiency will lead to reduced overall costs of service. Eco-Friendly Professionals will be able to pass on the savings to clients through ECO Offers which will be available to local customers.

  5. Getting Service from Local Experts

    In addition to the positive environmental impact, geologically specialized professionals will have a higher level of expertise in their area.

iECO Logistics Inc. Last Posting Date: 11/11/2019

Questions regarding our company should be directed to the following address ihomeclubs@gmail.com.