25% ECO Savings on Real Estate Services in Yaletown

Home Evaluation  Pre-Marketing Cleaning  Professional Photograph  Web Presentations Effective Marketing  Soft Staging & Styling  Color Pamphlet  Moving Coordination
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Specialized neighborhood Real Estate marketing service that delivers results!

I offer 25% ECO discount for my Yaletown clients.

  • Expert of Yaletown condo buildings
  • Available mostly in minitues upon request
  • Eco-friendly business model with less environmental impact
  • Lower business cost benefits YOU

Please call me at 604-431-8888 for details of how you can save money while gettting personalized services for your Real Estates needs.

Here's what client says

 “After our devastating car accident, my wife and I, due to our physical limitation, were having a difficult time maintaining our home.  After two unsuccessful marketing experiences, we hired Kevin to sell our home.  He brought his expert Real Estate experience to work, he helped clean, paint, repair the fascia boards, and stage the home including moving the furniture.

When we received our offer, Kevin was very supportive and a strong negotiator he knew my wife and I could trust his judgement and he walked us through the process and finally sold our home above market value.  I am very grateful to Kevin and would recommend him to anyone that needs their house sold.”  Rick M.